NO TOOLS !    Connect or Disconnect your car battery in seconds !!!

” If I may ask ……  Why do you need them ?

Where do you go with your caravan ?

What floats your boat ?

Does your car drive you around the bend ?

What’s best about your bakkie ?

For Car Driving People, Camping People, Boating People, Solar Installation People …..

Used to quickly connect or disconnect your car battery.

Robust high quality brass construction.

Fits tightly around the battery terminal.

Extremely easy to fit.

Some random comments taken off the web – sources unknown :

“If I may ask…why do you need them?”

“Was standing next to a tractor the other day that made a short through its starter motor, the whole thing started smoking and I could not get the cables off the poles, eventually it melted the positive pole of the battery. Clamps like this will be ideal to prevent something like that.”

“Hi, in the case of an accident, one can disconnect the battery without looking for a spanner.”

“I lost a previous 4x4 (not insured) from an electrical fire, wish I had these quick release terminals then.  Lot quicker than cutting the battery cable or trying to find a spanner.”

“ No need for spanners. No damaged threads or rotation of the flat bolt head that’s meant to seat on the clamp. And obviously quicker change of batteries, particularly in the dark. But none of the above is as important as being cool with a new type of fitting. I’ve got them fitted now, plus an (often checked) fire extinguisher !”

“Excellent addition for the caravan, saves lots of fiddling with spanners, can now remove and replace the battery in a few minutes”

“Fitted these to my caravan and what a difference it makes when I come to take the battery off, no more fiddling in the cold with a spanner trying not to short the terminals!”